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Prescott by the Numbers
Market Research & Key Statistics for Residential Homes in Prescott, Prescott Valley & the Surrounding Areas
Prescott by the Numbers
Market Research & Key Statistics for Residential Homes in Prescott, Prescott Valley & the Surrounding Areas

Home Value Report

Our Exclusive Market Analysis
We do some pretty fancy slicing and dicing each month to bring you the latest on where Prescott, Prescott Valley and their Top 5 Subdivisions are headed.  

Click the video below for a demonstration of how to read and interpret the graphs in this report...

Updated Monthly

The Appraiser's Eye Report

Want an idea of what a house SHOULD be selling for?  
For this you need to look at homes with an Appraiser's Eye, and with this simple report, you can!  The Report includes the same kind of data an appraiser would use to evaluate a home, drilled down and organized to make everything as easy as possible.   An essential negotiating tool for buyers and sellers.

Click below to watch our step-by-step how-to video that explains exactly how to use the information... 

Updated Monthly

Subdivision Snapshots - Top 100

Identify Your Target Neighborhoods... Quickly!
Our exclusive Top 100 Report gives you a quick snapshot of the 100 most popular neighborhoods in Prescott and Prescott Valley.   
For each subdivision, the report summarizes transactions in the last 12 months and gives you the minimum, average and maximum for the following key factors...
  • Prices Paid: Is this a high-end subdivision?  Low end?  Is the price range broad or narrow?
  • Square Footage: Are homes big and spacious or small and tidy?  Are all homes the same size, or the they vary?
  • Acreage: Looking for a lot of land?  Or maybe something small and easy to maintain?  How far apart are homes in the area?
  • Price Per Square Foot: PPS is the standard statistics people have been using to compare pricing between homes of varying size.
  • Year Built: Looking for new construction or an older, more individualized home?  Do you want a neighborhood that is consistent or more diverse?
  • HOA: Are you looking to eliminate the cost of an HOA, or do you want a neighborhood with all the best amenities?
  • ​View%: This number is the percentage of homes sold in the last 12 months that reported having a view.  High percentages indicate subdivisions with lots of nice views.

Updated Monthly

City Reports

Where is the Residential Housing Market Headed?  
Buying and selling real estate is a high-stakes business.  If you are to make the right decisions, you need to know how home values are trending, how long homes are on the market, and whether buyers or sellers currently have the upper hand.  This monthly snapshot gives you the insight you need - broken out by the cities in the Prescott area.  (Market Reports for specific subdivisions are below.)

Market Reports for Top Subdivisions

Real Estate is Local... Really Local.  
Often, city-wide statistics are not helpful enough to buyers and sellers.  They need to dive deeper, to specific subdivisions.  So we've developed a whole battery of reports broken out for the top subdivisions in the area.  (If you don't see the area you need, contact us and we will fix that for you.)

Forest Trails

Granite Dells Estates

Granite Oaks 


Hassayampa Village

Inscription Canyon

Pinon Oaks

Prescott Lakes 

Pronghorn Ranch

Ranch at Prescott


Talking Rock


Yavapai Hills
Free Resources for Buyers & Sellers
Free Resources for Buyers & Sellers
Tips, Tricks, Techniques, Warnings & Anything Else We Can Think Of to Help Make Your Real Estate Endeavors Successful
Tips, Tricks, Techniques, Warnings & Anything Else We Can Think Of to Help Make Your Real Estate Endeavors Successful

Prescott Relocation Center

Whether you are just starting to consider Prescott as your new destination or you've been here for years, the Prescott Relocation Center is a great source of information...  
 *  Why Prescott is America's #1 retirement destination 
 *  Comprehensive restaurant guide
 *  Taxes, HOA and Utility costs
 *  Comprehensive vendor list
 *  Upcoming events & things to do
 *  Best nail salon & best margaritas
 *  Etc.  Etc.  Etc.

Common Scams

Real estate agents are not generally held in the highest esteem, often ranking below used car salesmen.  The reason is there are a lot of cheats out there.  Don't be taken in!  Here are some scams we come across all the time that ruthless agents will use to sucker in unsuspecting clients.

Latest Selling Technique: Mini Movies 

One of the latest trends in marketing homes, especially in the luxury home market, is the use of "mini movies." These videos feature not only the home, but the lifestyle associated with living in it. Mini movies are very popular with prospective buyers.
As of now, we are the only agents using this approach in the Prescott area, and we are proud of how our first mini movie has turned out. The video features the owners, their friends, their grandchildren, and their real estate agents (whom you might recognize)... and of course the home itself.

This mini movie has been very helpful in creating buzz for the listing all over the country. Creating interest outside of the Prescott area is critical for selling high-end homes in Prescott since very few of our high-end buyers are already living in the Prescott area.

Take a few minutes to check it out.

The Prescott Lifestyle...

Our Weekly Wine Down

Take a moment to uncork and catch up with what's going on in real estate... and life in general in Prescott.

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We update our market research every month, and we are adding other resources to the Pickle Page all the time.

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